Changing the game

Where does the idea to change the form of nitrogen in fertilizers come from?

Research does not automatically lead to inventions, and inventions do not automatically lead to products. Fundamental research on plants’ ability to use amino acids for their growth has reached great depth, including detailed understanding of molecular mechanisms involved. However, the understanding that this knowledge was useful did not occur until a customer faced a problem. The problem in many plant cultivation systems is that the rate of inorganic nitrogen leaching from pots and soil beds outstrips the rate of uptake. Once the nitrogen is out of reach, the window for beneficial plant responses closes and a door to environmental risk is opened.

“Nutrition that is bound but at the same time available for uptake: it sounds implausible but experience tells us that it works.”

We discovered that plant roots take up the amino acids arginine and lysine much faster than other. Capable root systems are formed supplying the plant with nutrients and water increasing stress-tolerance and growth. Arginine and lysine have the peculiarity of adhering to soil particles instead of remaining mobile in the soil like many other forms of nutrients. Nutrition that is bound but at the same time available for uptake: it sounds implausible, but experience tells us that it works. The result? When arginine and lysine provide the nitrogen, it ends up in the right place – in the plant.

And products? Arevo has liquid arGrow® products with different combinations of arginine and lysine for forest plant nurseries and golf courses. Another arGrow® product range is based on the crystallization of arginine and phosphate. Such arginine-phosphate crystals in the shape of granules release nitrogen and phosphorus over extended periods of time functioning as control-release nutrition with close to zero nitrogen leakage.

Customers see arGrow® products returning truly amazing results in forest nurseries and forest planting operations increasing plants’ stress-tolerance, growth and carbon capture. Arevos products qualify as plant biostimulants and they already comply with EU From Farm to Fork year 2030 targets on reduced nitrogen leakage and reduced use of fertilizers!

Tests on major agricultural crops when applied as a Seed Applied Technology (SAT) and plant nutrition show very encouraging results on germination, rooting and yield. New exiting solutions are being developed. We invite you to join the journey!